About us

MS-Steel was established in 1988. We have a long history in shipyard operation block manufacturing, hull construction, outfitting) as well as crane fabrication.

We employ today directly 50 persons, indirectly (partners for labor and projects) 100-200 persons.

Code of Conduct and Whistleblowing Policy

MS-Steel aims to operate with honesty and integrity, with high standards according to our Code of Conduct. We believe in transparency and accountability to prevent issues, and take necessary action when problems do occur. .

Whistleblowing involves sharing information about suspected misdeeds or dangers at work. We have a Whistleblower Channel which allows employees and business partners to anonymously report potentially serious allegations or concerns.

Any inappropriate or illegal action can be reported through our Whistleblower Channel. All Whistleblower reports are confidential. You are free to choose whether your report should be anonymous or whether you want to provide personal contact information.

Read our Code of Conduct (pdf)
Read more about our Whistleblowing policy by clicking here (pdf)